Learning is a key component of our mission.

Since opening its present location in 1998, the Museum has welcomed over two million visitors and is one of the premier air and space museums in the nation. Beyond displaying, restoring, and maintaining the impressive collection, the Museum is committed to providing informal, experimental, and hands-on STEM-based learning opportunities for youth. As one of the community’s museums with educator-led experiences, the Strategic Air Command & Aerospace Museum is a place where students are able to explore STEM concepts beyond the classroom. We seek to provide a learning-rich environment to our young people as well as the general public with a variety of educational and hands on exhibits, presentations and workshops. Click on one of the following educational opportunities to learn more.
What if I want a different experience than what you currently offer? 

We are happy to customize an educational program to suit your needs. Contact our Education Coordinator at 402.944.3100 ext. 204 and we’ll create a program that helps you and your group take flight!